About me

My name is Nikki, but most people just call me Nik. That makes it much clearer I’m actually a guy!

I’m originally from Holland, from a city called Almere, right in the center of the country. Work brought me to the south of Sweden in 2014, where I lived in Malmö for three years. In 2017 I moved to Copenhagen in Denmark to move in with my Danish girlfriend. The two cities are connected by a fancy combination of a bridge and a tunnel, across the Øresund strait (the Sound in English). So even though home and work are in two different countries, the commute is still only around 50 minutes each way.

About - Grand Canyon

I like to travel. I’m not nearly doing as much of it as I would like to, but the number of getaways has definitely increased since I met my girlfriend. Planning and going on trips is just so much more fun with a great travel partner! My favorite destination is probably the United States, but there’s still so much of the world I haven’t seen. It’s great to explore places you haven’t been to before, but I also love returning to those special little spots you have fond memories of and can take others to.

About - Mexican Hat

I started this blog because it’s the perfect combination of all the things I love to do. Writing, taking and sharing photos, video editing, web development and of course traveling! Its name In the Middle of Elsewhere is fitting, because as a Dutch guy living in Denmark, working in Sweden and traveling when and wherever I can, I’m pretty much always away from my original home and surrounded by different people and cultures.

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I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I do running it!