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The exact sum is not known.

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He did not get it and is staying put for now. The Marino case centers on the actions of Nick Massaro in late November Massaro, who has since reed and had reportedly worked as a bouncer in Jacksonville, was a corporal with the Bunnell Police Department. His commendations over four years, however, were shadowed by disciplinary actions for neglect of duty and failing to appear in court when required, as cops often are when testifying on cases.

He also failed three complaints that were found to be baseless. Around Nov. He is no longer married. Just before 8 a. She asked one of the callers why she was getting the calls.

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The ad, in Craigslist style, specifies lusts and specialties and lists the phone in a mixture of s and letters. In fact, the only action that has been taken to prevent further heinous damages to citizens by the Police Department has been to shut it down. He reed on Jan. They manage the day to day stuff that goes on in a city as any other chief and Manager should do.

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Ok you nay sayers go ahead lay into me for sticking up for Jones and Martinez say what you want but arrest are up crime is down in Bunnell. Check the stats your self. There are some real good cops working for BPD. Until then let the dumb and dumber show continue and the lawsuits as well. At the end of the day the bad guys are slowly moving out of the area. Not good for Palm coast.

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What you have to understand is first you have to clean up the old stuff as is and has been done. Not of course to the liking of some old school players. Those commissioners that you Piranha want not to be re-elected are the ones that care about the city. In fact each and everyone in the city.

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In fact again the commission in place today want to see the safe streets like your walk at 2AM. It is not safe anywhere at 2AM just because. All joking aside your commission works for you. Got a problem got to a meeting and wait for the public comment time in which you have 4 minutes to complain or comment.

If you care so much about yoru beloved city of Bunnell then you would get up there be civil and speak your mind.

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Regarding the reductuion in crime I read about it recently. I will check with Bunnell and see if I can respond to Larry about the stats. The way I read it is major crime is calculated by felonies. In Bunnell those felonies are down, yes they fluctuate but overall they were down in Bunnell. In fact the Bunnell cops have more arest then most police have in nearby jurisdictions and that is a fact I believe Flagle Live may have information on. What say you Pierre would you know about this fact? PJ, public comment time at city meetings…been there and done that many many times. At this point.

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He called an emergency meeting after hearing the city manager had month long plans in the making of leaving for a position in Melbourne. When this emergency meeting took place, the mayor shot it down immediately due to improper wording???

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Your kidding me??? Sounds like her heart is somewhere else other than the citizens of Bunnell.

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FlaglerLive is a c 3 non-profit news organization: your contribution is tax-deductible. Click now, anywhere in this box, and contribute. All donors' identities are kept confidential and anonymous. Comments Good Cop but made a huge mistake. The Police officers they have right now could not be a finer group.

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PJ, you made the statement, you provide the proof. Where are the stats? There is always room for improvement,……….

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