Munchies Copenhagen: Home of the bubble waffle ice cream cone

My girlfriend and I have this list full of food places we still want to check out in Copenhagen, where we live. It started off pretty being long, but we’ve been steadily ticking things off the list. Mostly lunch/dinner places though, so we suddenly ended up with a list that had a disproportionate amount of dessert/ice cream places on it. Something had to be done about that!

The entrance of Munchies Copenhagen and pretty much all of the store
The entrance of Munchies Copenhagen and pretty much all of the store.

With the weather in Denmark having been unrealistically nice for the past several weeks, I suggested we’d visit one of two options the coming weekend. Either Munchies Copenhagen, to try out their bubble waffle cones, or Desserthuset (“The Dessert House” in Danish), for their signature freak shakes. My girlfriend voted Munchies, so Munchies it was.

Munchies is located in the very north of Amager, conveniently close to the Christianshavn metro stop. The last time my girlfriend passed by, people were lining out the door. Which is not that surprising, as the shop itself is pretty tiny. There’s basically just the counter and a couple of indoor seats, which you probably don’t want to use anyway because the place is blazing hot inside! I’m sure the outrageous outside temperature had something to do with it, but there’s also the collection of waffle irons in the back heating things up a lot.

Waffle irons making batches of waffles around the clock
Waffle irons making batches of waffles around the clock.

Even with only one couple in front of us, we still had to wait quite some time before they were served and a new batch of waffle cones was ready. You pick a waffle (there should be 2 options, but we didn’t see or were able to order the seasonal one, whatever that was supposed to be), then an ice cream flavor, and finally some toppings (fruit, nuts/chocolate/cookies and sauces). Or you just go with one of the predefined favorite combinations.

The selection of flavors is limited (5), but just varied enough to find something you like. Despite my earlier experiences with peanut butter ice cream (I think it’s usually too strong), I decided to go for that. They were out of banana, so I went for strawberries instead, and added a KitKit and nutella sauce. My girlfriend ended up with vanilla ice cream, also a KitKit, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. She likes chocolate.

I have to say, the bubble waffle ice cream cones look more impressive in pictures than they really are. It just looks smaller when you’re holding one and for the amount of money (65 DKK/8.73 EUR/10.31 USD) you don’t get a whole lot. However, what you do get is pretty tasty! I did not regret going for the peanut butter flavor, as it was recognizable but not overwhelming. The waffle itself is flavorful and holds together surprisingly well. It’s also pretty easy to just redistribute your ice cream and toppings in between the waffle bubbles and bite one of them off. Even if you didn’t get the paper holder it comes in, you would be able to eat it with minimal spillage. The small amount of leakage you do get, you can just drink from the paper holder afterwards.

Overall, it was a nice treat, especially on such a remarkably hot spring day. It’s not something you need to go out of your way for, but we’re happy to have tried it and it can now go off the list. If the weather continues to be like this, I’m sure we’ll go through some more dessert entries soon!

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