Water biking on the canals of Malmö

Right across from where I work in Malmö, there is a place where you can rent water bikes. My girlfriend and I had been talking about trying them out for some time, but last year’s summer unfortunately didn’t provide us with many nice weather opportunities. But this year, we’ve been getting almost uninterrupted sunny days, so we picked a weekend to finally go on the water bikes.

The view from the water on Södra Förstadskanalen
The view from the water on Södra Förstadskanalen.

I also had a movie ticket voucher left that was only valid in Sweden (we live in Copenhagen, Denmark) and about to expire, so that was an excellent excuse to cross the bridge and go see the Han Solo movie in Malmö, have lunch there and pedal around on the canals in Malmö’s city center.

After some shopping and a buffet lunch at Laziza, we went over to Cityboats and paid 240 SEK (23.19 EUR/26.94 USD ) to rent a water bike for an hour and a half. That gave us enough time to make the loop past Malmöhus Slott (“Malmö Castle” in Swedish) to the central station and back the other way around. Instead of telling you more about that, here’s a video!

While it was still quite warm and light outside, we unfortunately did not get the bright blue skies we were hoping for this day. It was however still a nice, quick outing and a good way to get an impression of Malmö’s city center.

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