West Coast Road Trip 2018 countdown

We are currently thoroughly enjoying our vacation on the west coast of the United States and many blog posts about it will certainly follow. But before I find the time to prepare all of that, I wanted to share with you a neat little pre-vacation fun thing I did last year before our summer vacation to Bali and decided to do again this year.

The first hype snap I sent for our vacation last year to Bali
The first hype snap I sent for our vacation last year to Bali.

Summer vacation is always the trip we look forward to the most, as it’s the longest time off from work and usually to a more distant location than our several smaller trips each year. So to increase the hype, and keep track of how long it will be before we leave, I sent Camilla a picture on Snapchat every morning. It’s a picture of a place or thing we plan to visit the coming trip and the order of them matches the order we will most likely get to see them in. It has a text overlay stating the amount of days before our date of departure.

So without further ado, here’s the full lineup of pictures I used for the countdown to our West Coast Road Trip 2018. It’s great fun to both look for these pictures and to receive them, really building the anticipation up to our biggest trip of the year.

Please note that I did not take any of these pictures myself. I simply grabbed them off the internet so I could share them in a snap, so copyright lies with their respective owners.

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